I am intrigued by the tulip fields in the Netherlands. I am intrigued by a great number of European places and interests. I want try it out.

I want to experience Europe.

I don't mean I want to take an intense ten day vacation across the Atlantic to see the Eiffle Tower and Swiss Alps. I want to live there.

I want it so badly. I can't explain it but I just want to get to know the people. See things differently. Ride the Eurorail and eat cheese all the time.

Speaking of cheese, I want to sort out all the stereotypes. I want destroy preconceived notions. I just want to be someplace foreign. But not just anywhere.

I'm not sure why I don't feel this way about Africa or the Asian world. I've been to South America now and while I feel there is a great deal to learn from those folks, it is Europe that my heart longs for.


Brock and Kristina said...

wow. crazy beautiful picture. makes me want to live there too....seriously. maybe someday jo!

Laura said...

I've always wanted to visit Europe, especially Germany. If you live there, we'll come and visit!

Michaelangelo said...

I think I long for anywhere outside of the Salt Lake Valley right now... time to apply for a passport, just in case :)